Build Your Community on Mobile

Tapatalk offers free iOS and Android app for your members. For a small monthly fee ($10/mo) you can also create your own branded community app - and we get the your branded apps published in Google Play and Apple App Store.


Increase Engagement with Mobile Notifications

Tapatalk increases your community engagement by sending Mobile Push Notifications to your members for discussions they follow. (And the settings can be adjusted by user). And for new members, our Forum Trending Algorithm® selects the best discussion of the day and sends a notification, engaging new members in your community on both desktop and mobile.

We do Email Notifications, too

Upgrade , and lower costs by using Tapatalk's your email notification system. Tapatalk's email notification system supports HTML, provides image linking and deep linking to the mobile app. And save money by using our in-house SMTP servers. We can handle bounces and unsubscribes, and eliminate the worry about the email infrastructure.


Email Newsletters Make Easy

Are you you paying for third-party tools just to create Newsletters. Or do you skip Newsletters altogether because of the cost and headache? Tapatalk can help you to create a professional, personalized Newsletter for each of your members based on what topics they follow in your forum. And we handle the work and compliance in sending the email Newsletters!

Earn Money with Mobile Native Ads

Tapatalk can help earn you money on your mobile traffic. Tapatalk has integrated with the major advertising networks for both banner ads and native ads (like the ads you see in FaceBook) and we share that revenue with you. Or simply add your AdMob or Direct Sold DFP Ad Unit ID, and you can run your own ads.


Works with most community software systems

Tapatalk works with all major open-source and commercial community software including vBulletin, xenForo, phpBB and more. And if you ever decide to change community software, you have peace of mind knowing that Tapatalk will seamless move to a new community software system.

SaaS/Cloud-based Community

Tapatalk partners with many of the cloud-based community providers including Proboards, Yuku, and Network54. Thinking of building a brand new community but setting up your own server is a thing of the past? Try one out and your hosted community will also be included Tapatalk.


Upcoming - Tapatalk for Mobile Web!

Tapatalk team is working hard to deliver the same Tapatalk experience for mobile web. Tapatalk for Mobile Web supports all community software and deliver advertisements exactly the same fashion as the Tapatalk mobile app so you can earn more without dealing with the legacy "mobile skin" and it's 100% Google SEO optimized. (Available January 2017).