Export_Support1_3 Are you the Community Owner?

Log In to Tapatalk Site Owner Console and click the "Submit Support Ticket" to receive help from us. Our support personnel will return your inquiry within 3 business days.

Export_Support1_4 App users / Community Members looking for help?

If you have a specific question about your membership status with your community, please contact the community owner directly at their website. Otherwise, if you have an issue with Tapatalk app and our website, please click the "Contact Us" button in the Tapatalk mobile app, we'll be able to assist you from there.


Ask The Community

We run a small support community for Site Owners and App Users to help and meet each others. The community is not fully monitored by our support staff but we try our best to respond. For full support, please either submit a support ticket if you are a site owner or use the Contact Us button in the app to receive timely support.

FAQ and Recent Changes & Update

Check out our FAQ section for commonly asked questions and general topic that you might find helpful to start using Tapatalk. If you run a self-hosted community, our Tapatalk Plug-In change log is documented in the support community as a sticky topic in each community software section. Simply subscribe to the topic and get notified when there is a new plug-in update.


Contact Us

Tapatalk is officially HQ in Santa Monica, California. Most of our staffs work around the globe in Spain, New York and Shanghai. If you absolutely need to write to us offline, our office is at 202 Bicknell Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404.

Tapatalk encourages the responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities through our Security Incident Response Team Web Form. Our engineers monitor this and will respond to it in the most urgent manner.